10 Questions To Ask When Diagnosed With Lung Cancer

It is essential to maintain a list of questions which you need to ask with your doctor once you are diagnosed with lung cancer. It is one of the typical cancers and generally disclose in a later stage. Also your appointment time will be limited with the doctor. That is the reason if you are diagnosed with lung cancer you should immediately take the action. Here is a list of potential questions:

Q1. What tests need to be done for proper diagnosis?

It is requisite for the patient who has been diagnosed by lung cancer to know more about the medication as well as related tests which can confirm the lung cancer. The patient should take all the tests that are suggested by the doctor without skipping anything.

Q2. Should I go for a second opinion option?

Most of the time it has been observed that second opinion is beneficial. Despite of second opinion if the patient’s diagnosis is the same, it is still valuable in this case as well. It will provide great assistance to the patient to discover the best method to treat cancer.

Q3. What type of lung cancer does he/she have?

The patient should know the category of the lung cancer by which he/she is suffering. It may be primary or secondary lung cancer. The patient should ask the doctor.

Q4. What is the current stage of cancer?

There are various treatments available for different stages of cancer. Sometimes, it may be possible that patient does not require a surgery process and other option can be obtained for the treatment that can slow down the growth of cancer cells or shrink them and so on. But all depends on the stage at which the patient is and what he is suffering.

Q5. To take part in a clinical trial would be a good decision?

The patient can discuss this with his/her doctor or medical team. There are lots of benefits to take part in clinical trial together with some risk. It is better to take advice with your doctor before taking any decision.

Q6. What treatment and tests do you prescribe?

The patient should discuss with the doctor that which is the best hospital to receive cancer treatment. Also ask if he would like to recommend you another good place for treatment.

Q7. What can be the side effects of the treatment?

Before initiating the treatment patient should inquire all the side effects along with benefits. Also ask for the doctor to prescribe medicine for the same. You need to follow all the instructions which are advised by the doctor.

Q8. What is the duration of complete treatment?

The patient should know the duration of treatment. So that the patient she can be prepared mentally and physically.

Q9. What is the prognosis?

It is essential to ask the doctor about prognosis or chances of recovery. It usually depends on the stages of cancer but doctors do not conceal anything to the patient.

Q10. What will be the total expenses for treatment?

The patient need to ask the doctor’s fee along with other charges or total cost of treatment. This will help to the patient to make all the arrangements on time.